Smelly rivers

Smelly rivers

Heavily polluted Sông Tô Lịch River, - Cầu Giấy District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Rivers in Vietnam are usually heavily polluted with garbage, raw sewage, industrial waste and  other things you probably don't even want to know. When I was living in Cầu Giấy district, the river could be smelled from my house. With almost no fish alive and so much ugliness, I decided to create beauty from the river and use long exposure techniques to create a stunning scenario. Every piece of sewage, garbage or anything floating around in the river will become a line with its unique colour. Sewage has a different colour than industrial waste or a dead water plant. Enjoy the scenery in theses smelly rivers!

Lesser smelly river, Rạch Bến Nghé, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

In this river you see much more green (Which represent water plants), its less smelly but still polluted enough to create a wonderful pattern on this photo.

Fishy river, Bangkok, Thailand

This is a long exposure of a river in Bangkok, the texture on the water are fish that jump up. There's 1000s of fish in that river jumping up for flies, or for whatever reason. I can't talk to fish so I wouldn't know. But it leaves a stunning image, because every time the fish jumps, the water reflects differently and it shows on the photo.