My typical outfit, while hitchhiking in the Sahara desert, Western Sahara

My name is Joel Gugler, during my Master of Science in Business Administration at the University of Twente, photography was my side-job, after graduating I've followed my true passion and went out into the world to take photos professionally. Always with my signature suspenders on me and my Sony camera with two prime lenses.  Through 92 countries so far.

I have a unique style of being able to blend into my environment by using a smaller, silent, but powerful camera system. I've managed to sneak and negotiate myself into plenty of journalistically compromised territory to take photos, such as North Korea, Transnistria, the Hong Kong protests, Xinjiang Province and the border area of Afghanistan. I hiked till 6000 meters (alone) in my suspenders in Nepali winter to take photos, and I've lived with actual cannibals to document their lifestyle at the cremation grounds of Manikarnika Ghat in Varanasi.

Feel free to contact me for prints, work offers, and questions of all sorts.


Instagram: @joelgugler