North Korea, a new perspective

North Korea, a new perspective
"The only car in north Korea" - Long exposure with starlight in the background. Most traffic I saw on this road was either by foot or by bicycle.

We think of North Korea as a dark and evil place without much electricity, industry or cars, where people still live in huts so the regime can build nuclear weapons and eat cheese. That might indeed be the case, but those are perfect conditions for starlight photography!

I hitchhiked there in the summer of '19, sneaked into the border area and observed the area to give you my view on North Korea.

Long exposure: Yellow are the lights from a Chinese patrol boat, blue are the lights from a Korean patrol boat. In the background you see a Korean city, surrounded by obscurely large buildings, lights are blasting into the dark sky to show activity of life. But the buildings seemed abandoned and the light wasted
The few cars that used this road were big trucks and a dam. Used by smugglers, they leave a beautiful play of light in the starry sky