Joël Gugler

Long exposure art

There is something about using long exposure. It can turn an ordinary picture into something extraordinary. The following pictures are an example of some of my work playing around and developing techniques to achieve beautiful results without the use of post processing technologies.
Garbage into beauty Huizen, Netherlands
This was the same picture, at a much faster shutter speed. All the swirly trails you see were leaves and garbage laying in the water, even they can make something beautiful
Alone in the light Tel Aviv, Jerusalem

Even in a big city, you can feel alone.
Hippo in the mist
Stormy hippo
Newton's cradle
Fading lights

When zooming in, we can find out what this is

Light that has reflected on the flies gathering the lighthouse.
Walk of creativity

This last picture shows what's possible without photoshop if one just tries and plays around.